Anna S – Harley Davidson

006So they tell me that I need to be writing beside each of the galleries that I post. “They” being the monolith Google or the people that try to understand what Google wants. It seems choosing, uploading, linking and staging all the galleries is actually hurting my pagerank as Google sees the links provided to the publishers by the affiliates as having little search engine importance.

It is said, if I talk about Anna’s great breats and nipples and talk about her shaved pussy and the cool Harley Davidson Motorcycle the use of “keywords” in regular sentances will increase the pagerank of this page.

I can’t do it. I can not sit here and talk to all of you about nothing-ness.  If Anna’s pictures were so awaesome that I couldn’t help commenting, or if I had something to say, I’ll post comments.  For now let’s just look at all the beautiful women.  And this is one beautiful woman.

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