Lollipop Girls Video

I’m sure that the two of them are 18. But I guess it doesn’t matter as the aren’t in any type of sexual position, naked or faking any sex act. I found this video while looking up “Lollipop Girls” on the net.

It seems my definition is different than The Urban Dictionary. The Urban dictionary defines Lollipop Girls as:

Teenagers (typically females) from mid to high income families with little to no disposable income due to high mortgages, car payments, etc have been know to engage in prostitution. These teenagers can typically be found in large malls standing or walking around sucking on a lollipop. The teenagers will perform sexual acts in exchange for money to purchase designer clothing and/or clothing that fits the latest trends.

A typical “lollipop girl” would be wearing pajama pants or sweatpants and a tank top or similar casual top. The dead give away, as stated before, is the lollipop in their mouth. One would not be surprised to see them enjoying the lollipop in a seductive way.

If you find one of these girls in your local mall you should probably avoid them as they are most likely jailbait.

I just define them as Girls with Lollipops. Licking, Sucking … Sexy.


[flv: 390 293]

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