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Susann – Divine


Cola-Girls – Product Placement

product_place-03Cola-Girls, our spin off site, has updated a couple times now. I’m thinking you are all interested and I should copy their newest post. But I think we’ve been punished by Google for duplicating it’s content here. Or duplicating our content there? Well we’ve stopped exact post matching and allowed some time for Google to see that there is different content at each site.

It’s not working. I hate that we have to have out hands so far up Google’s ass looking around in the dark for the secret that allows for normal listings. I’ve said before on this blog that we are not going to cater to Google and write keywords and descriptions about titties and nakedness just to get page rank. I lied. We have to.

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Jayla – Moving Moments


Jenya – Smoke


Beata – In Your Mind


Jaclyn – Picnic Lunch


Ashley – Frame Me


Smooshed – Random Pictures of Huge Boobs

9c6db7a9a46fWow, I love these.

These ones are big, really big!  I can’t believe this set of boobs smooshed against the window of a car.  All six of these sets of tits are huge.

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Valentine A – Presenting Valentine


Samantha – Lots of Pink


Faye – Deep Desire


Zuzanna – Pump

zuzana_5031Couple of important notices.
1) We have decided to increase the thumbnail sizes.
2) DOMAI – “Tasteful nudes of beautiful women” has joined us a content provider. We’re really excited about this one. We’ve been following the girls at DOMAI for years now and it is really exciting to have their content here. I really reccomend that you click through and sign up. It’s not porn, it’s tasteful nudes.

Muriel – Pechos

Wow. THose things are perfect. transparentbar

Smooshed – April On Glass

april_onglass10Brand new category. SMOOSHED!

I’ve been working hard to keep the content up to date for all you folks. And while I to appreciate the free galleries by the likes of X-art, FEMJOY and my other favourites. I know a lot of you have already sprung for your memberships and are looking for themed cool sexy little things.

I couldn’t bring myself to do another drunk girls, goth or a frat dump.  That’s not what I’m about here (well I’ll reserve the right if I find the right pictures).  Tastefully naked, sexy, and themed!!  Check out the Cola-Girls and Lollipop if you haven’t already.
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Aurora A – Presenting Aurora


Amy – Tasty Tits


Ariel – Always Naked At Home


Orsi – Windows Light


Sofi A – Splendean

met-art_tmu_40_16Unbelievable, smokin hot, this is worth a look.transparentbar

Muriel – White Serene