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Tammie Lee – Don’t tell him

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Just found the most awesomest site on the net. I find it fascinating that in today’s age I have wait to see anything. That the tease just keeps me wanting more. I had to sign up for this one to get access to the full nude videos. No pictures at this site, but all of the videos are well shot. Tammie Lee is just the tip of the iceberg, expect more girls in the near future.

[flv: 390 293]


Smooshed – Bashful Brittany Red Dress

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bashful_brittany_red_dress1-014This gallery by pushes the boundries for my smooshed galleries. There are just a couple if pictures that qualify as smooshed. But at 22 years old, this little Georgian girl deserves to be featured here. I’ve negotiated more content, check back for future galleries of this little looker in the future.


Lollipop Girls Video

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I’m sure that the two of them are 18. But I guess it doesn’t matter as the aren’t in any type of sexual position, naked or faking any sex act. I found this video while looking up “Lollipop Girls” on the net.

It seems my definition is different than The Urban Dictionary. The Urban dictionary defines Lollipop Girls as:



Kara Duhe – White Dress

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Cola-Girls – Gas Pump

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josie_model_gas_pump_008Cute.  This series I like.  Sweet little dirty blonde thing, and the idea that you get to see it all.  What would be really nice is if we could find the rest of this series.


Cola-Girls – Coca-Cola Teen

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These photos are dated August of 2006.  Natasha is most famous because of her work with MetArt. The bottom of these photos are labeled SashaFucksDasha. I checked and the site is still functional at

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