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Cola-Girls – Raven Riley – Hot

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raven_riley_cokeNew post at Raven Riley’s tight little titties and and a Coke bottle make it worth a look.


Cola-Girls – Product Placement

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product_place-03Cola-Girls, our spin off site, has updated a couple times now. I’m thinking you are all interested and I should copy their newest post. But I think we’ve been punished by Google for duplicating it’s content here. Or duplicating our content there? Well we’ve stopped exact post matching and allowed some time for Google to see that there is different content at each site.

It’s not working. I hate that we have to have out hands so far up Google’s ass looking around in the dark for the secret that allows for normal listings. I’ve said before on this blog that we are not going to cater to Google and write keywords and descriptions about titties and nakedness just to get page rank. I lied. We have to.



Cola-Girls – Gas Pump

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josie_model_gas_pump_008Cute.  This series I like.  Sweet little dirty blonde thing, and the idea that you get to see it all.  What would be really nice is if we could find the rest of this series.


Cola-Girls – Wild Tart

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wild_tart_paris_013Completely cute.

There is nothing like the tight body on this little lady.  And the hat goes well with just socks.
transparentbar (more…)


Cola-Girls – Coca-Cola Teen

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These photos are dated August of 2006.  Natasha is most famous because of her work with MetArt. The bottom of these photos are labeled SashaFucksDasha. I checked and the site is still functional at


Cola-Girls – Beach

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1189113801_03Cola-Girls are pictures from all over the net. Somewhere in the picture is a cola logo or reference.  I have been collecting these pictures for years.  Now it’s time to share them with you. Enjoy.

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