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Lollipop – Ariel Rebel 2

Lollipop - Ariel Rebel 2Well it’s been a while and I’ve had to dig into my archive to find these. I just can’t seem to get the greater porn industry to go out and create the kind of sexy pictures I like. All I’m asking for is a little bit of skin and my favourite things. Ariel Rebel is a little Cuttie and I’m not knocking this photo shoot, but I wish I had a membership to her site because I hear she is doing custom content. Continue reading ‘Lollipop – Ariel Rebel 2’

Lollipop – Black Lingerie

Lollipop - Black LingerieLollipops are back! This has to be one of the sexiest things a woman can do with her mouth. Sucking on a Lollipop seems so clean and sexy to me. I`ve got a few other food fetishes; Honey, Milk, Watermelons. But the classic lollipop has to be right there at the top. Continue reading ‘Lollipop – Black Lingerie’

Lollipop – Classroom

24839Sweet little thing with tiny titties and and a sexy little red lollipop. Trust Amour Angels for unique content. Continue reading ‘Lollipop – Classroom’

Lollipop – Francesca Sucker For Pussy

x-art_francesca_sucker_for_pussy-13-smlI’ve been sitting on this one sisnce before summer started. Enjoy.
[LOL, I’ve already posted this one. Enjoy again.] Continue reading ‘Lollipop – Francesca Sucker For Pussy’

Lollipop – Ariel Rebel

pics01_1I’d like you to all meet Ariel Rebel a little Canadian brunette from Montreal that has just come onto my radar. I guess she’s been on the internet naked/teaser scene for a good 2 years. Wikipedia – yes that surprised me too – says she’s just 21, but I guess now-a-days that’s old enough.

Please enjoy these lollipop pictures and tell me if you like what you see. If I hear back from any of you I’ll see what i can do about getting permission to get a few more pictures here on a regular basis.
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Lollipop Girls Video

I’m sure that the two of them are 18. But I guess it doesn’t matter as the aren’t in any type of sexual position, naked or faking any sex act. I found this video while looking up “Lollipop Girls” on the net.

It seems my definition is different than The Urban Dictionary. The Urban dictionary defines Lollipop Girls as:

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Lollipop – Nikkala Stott

nikkala-stott-nude-lollipop-2Lollipops are soo sexy.  I’ve had a thing for lollipops since I was little.  Grape lollipops….

But when you get older you forget about the little things that made you happy.  I’ve started this category to remind us all what makes us happy.

Francesca – Sucker for Pussy