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Smooshed – Marta

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Smooshed - MartaThe site is taking off and we’re doing pretty good. But the one complaint I keep getting is that people are coming for the custom content and not the daily girl posts. I can see it in the daily stats. If I mention a celeb’s name we double our hits that day again, over even the custom content. I would keep name dropping, but it seems to me that is just a little too obvious. And if you just wanted a specific name, you would be typing it in google instead of coming here.
For today’s custom content I have chosen Marta from MC-Nudes. The gallery has been around for a while and a couple hundred other sites have a links up. But I can not resist adding this to our Smooshed Archive. Large breasts pressed against glass are just my thing I guess. (more…)


Smooshed – Alicia Tits On Glass

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Smooshed - Alicia Tits On GlassWell sometimes the effect is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Large Breasts, check. Squished, check. Drop dead gorgeous, umm… Nope.
I guess it’s a trade off giant tits pressed against glass just the way we want. Or drop dread gorgeous.
I still can’t believe no one has added a comment about their favourite fetish. Waiting on you peeps.


Smooshed – Katerina Hartlova

Filed under: Big Busts,Smooshed — Misty @ 12:30 pm

Wow, these pictures keep showing up in my Smooshed archives. So I’m posting them on their own. I looked her up, this is Katerina Hartlova from, she a bit of a nasty girl, these pictures being the tamest I’ve seen. (more…)


Smooshed- Za Steklom (Behind The Glass)

Filed under: Smooshed — Misty @ 1:12 pm

Za Steklom (Behind the Glass). A collection of pictures of breasts smooshed against glass. (more…)


Smooshed – Stop Staring At Me

Filed under: Big Busts,Smooshed — Misty @ 10:35 pm

For the most part there really isn’t anything notable about this set of images. She’s blond, young and hour-glass, but not to an extent that I would refer to her as gorgeous. She’s got large breasts, but they look to just be kinda ordinarily large (if thats a category).
What makes this set of images special is that she’s grabbed those bad boys and smooshed them up and together for the final shot. This I like. (more…)


Smooshed – Happy New Year

Filed under: Smooshed — Misty @ 5:49 pm

xoxo_leah_shower-112010, already! Happy new year to all of you out there on the interwebs. I want to remember 2009 as a good year, lots of sex and parties, lots of fun and frolicking, lots of… from what I can remember it was a good year anyway.

This year I promise to update more often, I promise to talk to you more often, and I promise more unique content, scanned and scavenged from the interwebs.

Enjoy the new year. Make the most of it. Only two left. (more…)


Smooshed – 50 Random Pictures

Filed under: Smooshed — Misty @ 4:57 pm

Random SmooshedFifty (50) random smooshed boob pics. Pictures from all over, but all smooshed. Big breasts, tiny titties, naked and well… not so naked. But all smooshed, crushed, pressed and squished. (more…)


Smooshed – Shower

Filed under: Big Busts,Smooshed — Misty @ 1:24 am

P1190218Ever get so busy that things just don’t seen as important as they used to? My life has been like that. These 5 pictures are from some random spot on the interwebs. They are labled, but I can’t read it. Probably not from the copyright owner anyway. (more…)


Smooshed – Candace

Filed under: Big Busts,FTV Girls,Smooshed — Misty @ 11:40 am

13_2Sorry for the pause in posting. I’ve been away on vacation. Funny thing about vacatons is that that by the end of them you feel more relaxed getting back into your regular routine.
There is losts of new stuff comming. Email me if you have any specific requests.


Smooshed – Bashful Brittany Red Dress

Filed under: Clothed,Smooshed — Misty @ 12:53 pm

bashful_brittany_red_dress1-014This gallery by pushes the boundries for my smooshed galleries. There are just a couple if pictures that qualify as smooshed. But at 22 years old, this little Georgian girl deserves to be featured here. I’ve negotiated more content, check back for future galleries of this little looker in the future.


Smooshed – Random Pictures of Huge Boobs

Filed under: Big Busts,Smooshed — Misty @ 11:10 pm

9c6db7a9a46fWow, I love these.

These ones are big, really big!  I can’t believe this set of boobs smooshed against the window of a car.  All six of these sets of tits are huge.



Smooshed – April On Glass

Filed under: Big Busts,Smooshed — Misty @ 10:24 pm

april_onglass10Brand new category. SMOOSHED!

I’ve been working hard to keep the content up to date for all you folks. And while I to appreciate the free galleries by the likes of X-art, FEMJOY and my other favourites. I know a lot of you have already sprung for your memberships and are looking for themed cool sexy little things.

I couldn’t bring myself to do another drunk girls, goth or a frat dump.  That’s not what I’m about here (well I’ll reserve the right if I find the right pictures).  Tastefully naked, sexy, and themed!!  Check out the Cola-Girls and Lollipop if you haven’t already.

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