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1024 x 768 Wallpaper – 97 desktops

After our incredible success of our 2560×1600 Wallpaper set I have decided to post a few of the older desktop images we had collected. Ninety Seven to be exact. Ninety Seven tasteful, sexy desktops. Continue reading ‘1024 x 768 Wallpaper – 97 desktops’

2560 x 1600 Wallpaper

ws_jade_2560Looking for large wallpapers? I mean really big wallpapers. 2560 x 1600.
I was. There is nothing better than a sexy wallpaper to get you in the mood. I found a whole bunch online at Met-Art and some other locations. I’ve brought them all together. Feel free to customize your desktop as you see fit, but personally i started useing the 10MPixel and larger pictures you have access to as a member of any of the paid sites.
Continue reading ‘2560 x 1600 Wallpaper’